Welcome to San Diego Russian School!

April 15 at 9.00 am the third (last) trimester of the school year will begin.

The highlights of 2016-2017 school year can be found here, meet our teachers here and register for a new school year here for Russian native speakers and here for Russian as a second language.

This year the school teaches the following classes:
For freshmen and sophomores: Russian Language, Russian Literature, Russian History and Russian Language Development. There will also be classes of Natural History, Art History and Russian Cinematography & Animations.

For juniors and seniors: Russian Language and Professional Translating, Russian History, Russian Literature, Russian Language Development and Geography. Once a month there will also be classes of History of Russian Cinematography and Introduction to Careers. 

Electives: This year we will be offering Chemistry, Programming, Math and Russian arts. 

Russian as a Foreign Language class for both adults and youth. This class is for students who have just began their journey in Russian education.

Our mission

San Diego Russian School promotes cross-cultural connections by providing a broad education system which covers Russian language, history, and literature in a bilingual environment.  The school was originally founded in 1998 to retain heritage language, history, and culture among Russian children and teenagers living in San Diego. Since then the school has developed into an immersion program offering a broad array of subjects for both fluent speakers and beginners.

College Scholarships for Seniors

Community Commons administers a College Scholarship Program that provides SDRS graduating seniors with a one-time financial assistance for future studying in college. The scholarship program is intended to reward academic excellence and participation in school activities and other Community Commons projects.

The scholarships in the amount of $100-$500 are awarded to high school students who have completed a minimum of 6 years in San Diego Russian School including the school’s senior year.

San Diego Russian School
9500 Gilman Dr, La Jolla, CA 92093 "UCSD campus"
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