Board of Directors

Elena Yulaeva, Chief Organizer and Director
Elena Yulaeva graduated from Moscow’s Institute of Physics and Technology and earned a doctorate in philosophy at the University of Washington, Seattle. She currently works in UCSD as a researcher.
Contribution to SDRS: Elena founded San Diego Russian School to help Russian immigrants maintain their language and cultural heritage. For the last fifteen years Elena does organizational work to improve and enlarge the school. Elena is also the Director of Community Commons which manages San Diego Russian School among other projects. Community Commons is a nonprofit organization which applies novel research and informational technologies to support educational, health and social projects in the local community.

Marianna Gorelova, Principal
Marianna graduated from Moscow State University with a Ph.D. in Physics. She worked as a researcher in Moscow for fifteen years and at the University of Rio De Janeiro for four years. After moving to America, Marianna received an education in applied arts. She is currently a contract artist and a specialist in ceramic painting. Her work was published in the encyclopedia “Russian Painting” and is showcased by the La Jolla Art Association.
Contribution to SDRS: Marianna is the co-founder of SDRS and has been teaching at the school since 1999. She develops the school curriculum, compiles classwork and homework for the students every week and collaborates with Elena in searching for and interviewing qualified teachers. She has taught Physics for three years and Russian Speech for four years. Currently, Marianna teaches “Russian Applied Arts” and “Russian Drawing and Painting.” Students learn the skills of traditional Russian craft and the historical background of Russian art styles (to see students’ works visit Marianna’s website).  The class also helps students practice Russian speech and expands their vocabulary.

San Diego Russian School
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