The Russian school is proud of it's alumni students, who have found successful careers after finishing prestigious colleges in U.S. Our school not only helped them preserve their Russian language and widen the scope of their knowledge but also aided them in the application process, finding a relevant practicum in their field and launching their careers.
We asked our alumni to tell us how their lives have progressed since their graduation out of our school and how the material they learned in San Diego Russian School benefited their adult life.

???????????????????????????????Lev Gorelov
"I graduated out of UC Santa Cruz with a degree in psychology and cognitive sciences. My Russian education not only sustained my ability to talk to my parents but also gave me a basis of knowledge to understand contemporary international events. I'm very glad that I gained the historic backdrop about Russian history from SDRS because now political and economic news has an enriching shading to it. As a psychology major I could not directly apply the knowledge form Russian school into my academic work but it enriched my life in innumerable ways and my bilingual abilities looks great on my Resumes."

Michael RabinovichMichael Rabinovich
"I am currently a senior at Stanford University studying Management Science & Engineering and will begin work next year at Credit Suisse in the Technology Investment Banking division in San Francisco. Knowledge of Russian has allowed me to communicate with my parents, grandparents and family friends in addition to giving me a global perspective on many political and economic issues facing the world today. I am grateful to the San Diego Russian School for instilling in me a pride in my family heritage and language that will persist with me for the rest of my life."

Maxim Zaslavsky
Maxim is currently a sophomore at Princeton University studying computer science. He was listed among the 25 most impressive high school graduates in 2013 by Business Insider.
"SDRS was more than just a fun way to spend the weekends. It was a way to make friends, to get to understand my parents and grandparents, and get connected with culture that seemed so remote and yet so close. The Russian history lectures were my favorite – because we talked about the logic of historical events and historical parallels between different countries – much more than just a collection of facts. I think this ability to find reason and meaning in a different culture gave me a worldly view that I have to thank for getting into the college of my dreams. And it has profoundly changed the way I interact with the world around me."

Ivan_YulaevIvan Yulaev
"After I graduated from high school, I went to college at UCSD, where I studied Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. I also worked at a local tech company as a hardware engineer doing digital and VLSI design to support my studies. I now work as a software engineer at Google.
In tech there are a frightening number of Russian folks. Being able to speak and understand Russian language & idioms has greatly helped with meeting new people at work and networking in general. Thanks San Diego Russian School for helping me keep up my Russian language & cultural skills even though I've lived in the US for so long!"

Alexandra Mushigyan
"I studied biology at Harvard, where my knowledge of Russian exempted me from the language requirement (and earned me a bit of cash a few times, when I was a subject in studies by the linguistics department!) After graduation I moved to Sweden and then Switzerland for scientific research, and in both places, knowing another language and having previous experience with moving between cultures helped me adjust to the new languages and cultures. Now I'm working on my PhD and professors in my department occasionally ask me to translate information for them from old, obscure scientific manuscripts published only in Russian.

Alice GiliariniAlice Giliarini
"Attending SDRS, was like stepping into a small version of the country of my culture. I have never been to Russia, but SDRS made me feel Russian, and a part of the Russian Community. SDRS gave me what simply speaking Russian and reading Russian books at home, did not. It gave me the chance to learn in Russian and discuss topics in Russian. American schools tend to only briefly touch upon the history of Russia and the rest of the world. SDRS not only gave me the chance to learn Russian history in detail, but to see the rest of the world with a different perspective. What I especially loved about the Russian History lectures, was that everything we learned was immediately connected to geography. SDRS is where I realized the importance of the tie between geography and historical events. Now when I read about current political events, I always keep the relationship between different geographical areas, in mind. At SDRS I also thoroughly enjoyed the Russian Literature lectures and discussions. There are many pieces of literature that we read, but the two that resonate the most with me are "Ася" by Тургенев and "Евгений Онегин" by Пушкин. I am not exaggerating when I say that these two novels impact my life to this day.

Besides all the Russian related opportunities that SDRS gave me, it was also through SDRS that I got my first internship. During the summer before my sophomore year in high school, I interned at the UCSD San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC). My task was to organize data from different branches of environmental science, this was then used to create a database system for researchers. Being a small part of this project, gave me my first chance to be part of something that could impact the world. This was also my first experience working with adults, an experience that is important 'in the real world', and an experience that colleges look for when accepting students. The most important thing that SDSC gave me, was the realization that I need to reach out to directly experience and independently learn about things in order to find my passion. I am now majoring in linguistics with a focus on neurology at UCSD. If it was not for the SDSC internship and SDRS, I would not have even thought of majoring in something not directly related to science. I am forever grateful to SDRS for supporting me and my Russian. The knowledge of Russian was definitely crucial to deciding my major. Finally, I can not wait to take advantage of everything SDRS taught me, and finally study abroad in the country of my family."
Konstantin DubovenkoKonstantin Dubovenko
"I graduated from SDSU in 2011 with a degree in Electrical Engineering. At this time, I am gainfully employed as a hardware design engineer at Qualcomm and run a small start-up with a few of my friends at Having been fortunate enough to live a relatively short, albeit important part of my life in Ukraine, I understand how vital it is to retain not only the Russian language (widely spoken in Ukraine), but also my Ukrainian / Russian cultural heritage. In addition to exposing me to the Russian community here in San Diego, SDRS has certainly helped me retain, practice and improve my knowledge of the written and spoken Russian language. It is particularly important to note that the SDRS curriculum goes far beyond the basics and provides a fully immersive experience through lessons focused on history and literature. I truly believe that fluency in multiple languages gave me an edge at the workplace, allowed me to think outside of the box and most importantly, brought me closer with my friends and relatives. Школа SDRS даёт уникальную возможность поддерживать русскую культуру русскоязычной диаспоре San Diego."
???????????????????????????????Olga Bronshteyn
"I am a high school junior who attended SDRS for seven years. Born in Russia, I moved to San Diego at the age of 6 and never received a Russian education- but SDRS has proven to have been the next best thing. Through a variety of courses through the years, I learned more about the history, literature, art, and culture of my country than most migrant kids could hope to. My experience gave me not only a chance to connect with the "older generation"- my parents and grandparents- but also with the younger generation- other "generation Y" Russians, who, like me, were searching  for someone to explore their heritage with. I am as of yet undecided in which direction to go with a career, but regardless of the impact Russian School will have on my professional future, it is indisputable that it has had a great impact on shaping me as a person. There are few things more satisfying than coming to the Tretyakovskaya Gallery and being able to name half of the paintings, or telling your American friends that you read "Crime and Punishment" in its original language!"

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