Conflict Resolution Guidelines

We take orderly learning environment and safety for all SDRS students very seriously. We expect that parents discuss school behavior with their children. The general rules and conflict resolution steps are consistent with what your students expect in a US School.

While arguments and conflicts between students occur very infrequently, we are making the following policies explicit:

1.       If there is a perceived conflict between students or signs of abusive behavior during class, students should resolve it with the teacher of this class. In case of a repeated violation, or if students don't follow teacher's directions, the matter will be referred to school principal for a disciplinary action.

2.       If there is a perceived conflict between students or signs of abusive behavior during a break, students should resolve it with the designated parent(s) on duty for this school day. The school maintains a schedule of parents who are on duty for a given school day. If there are no parents on duty (as in the senior class), the issue should be referred to an available teacher or directly to the principal.

3.       Parents should not get into argument or discipline children other than theirs, unless to prevent imminent physical harm. Any such matters should be referred to a teacher (during class) or a designated parent on duty (during breaks).

4.       Disciplinary actions may include, at principal's discretion: a requirement for parents of offending student to be present during classes and/or breaks; loss of tuition discounts (if applicable), temporary suspension; expulsion.

5.       There is an absolute ban on weapons, drugs or other harmful objects or substances.



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