Russian Language Classes (reading and grammar) are taught at all grade levels. The goal of these courses is to teach students how to write in grammatically correct Russian while exploring Russian literature. Students are expected to read class material and write homework assignments. The school owns a library which provides students with educational and fictional books they can check out and take home.

For younger students, we also offer a Russian Speech Development and Rhetoric Class where we fix students’ accents and teach them to express their ideas in Russian through fun activities.

Professional Translating Class is offered for the upper grade level and is taught by a professional translator and foreign language teacher. Students learn how to translate English texts to Russian and vice versa. This skill will allow students to apply their bilingualism in real-world occupations.

Lectures on Russian History in SDRS encompass fifteen centuries of Russian history from the migration period of the Slavic tribes until the end of the 20th century. The class is intentionally made for children living in America and has a unique focus on the interconnection and parallels of American and Russian histories (i.e. aid of Americans during the Russian-Japanese war, the role of Russia in America’s establishment in Alaska, etc.) The class also sheds light on the role the Russian mass immigration has played in American sciences, culture and economy. The lectures are illustrated with collections of historical images and videos. They are so intriguing and engaging, that many of the parents stay with their kids during class to see the fascinating presentations.

Russian Literature Course was designed specifically for the students of San Diego Russian School. The teachers understand how hard it is for children and adolescents raised in U.S. to comprehend the complexity and beauty of works by Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Bulgakov and other famous Russian authors, so they devote much of their energy to making the subject interesting and enjoyable for their students. For example, students watch excerpts of movies based on the books they read to visualize the stories. They also make connections between the works they read and their own lives. The success of our methods is demonstrated by the amazing reflective essays students write at the end of every milestone in the class.

Geography Courses introduce our students to the geography of America, Russia and the rest of the world. Students learn about historically significant places and their names in Russian, which is imperative for studying the history of the country. Students also analyze political and economic maps, expanding their knowledge of large cities, landmarks and climate patterns. In addition, the class for older students studies the effects of geography on recent political events.

In the History of Art Class students learn about Russian artists and do virtual tours of art museums in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. By studying these works children learn about prominent Russian historical figures, visualize the lives of people in different time periods and see the beauty of Eastern European nature.

Decorating Master Class is a very entertaining skill-building class that acquaints students with the Russian culture from a new angle.  Students learn about different traditional trades and master a variety of Russian painting styles (Khokhloma, Mezen, etc.) in a professional art studio.  Students leave the class with beautiful art pieces they have created in a traditional Russian style.

History of Russian Cinematography class is another angle from which we look at Russian culture.  Children learn about great Russian directors, actors, and their films. The movies are often selected to complement SDRS history and literature lessons.

Basic Programming Class allows younger students to master computer literacy, one of the most practical skills today. Students are introduced to computer programming through the Microsoft Small Basic language and learn about the Windows operating system, Power Point, Excel, and Photoshop. This class provides an ideal environment for children to actively interact with each other in Russian.

In addition to the classes listed above, our school provides a series of lessons called Introduction to Careers, where we invite specialists of different professions to speak as guest lecturers. Throughout the year our students meet scientists, theater specialists, designers, UCSD professors, and artists. Our students also meet UCSD undergraduates completing a major in Russian Studies.

We organize occasional field trips in line with the topics being taught. For example, for Russian History and Art History classes we take the students to museums and exhibitions that are associated with the Russian culture.

Preparatory Courses serve different purposes depending on the age group. They prepare pre-school children to enter the academic environment and provide older students with language skills they need for other courses at SDRS. Teachers use methods and material from a professional language teaching school that rapidly improves students’ speaking, reading and writing abilities in Russian. The goal is to quickly raise the comprehension level of the students so they can  learn alongside their peers.

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