Social Expertise Exchange (SEE) visits our school

IMG_8960 lOn March 8th we had two representatives from a non-profit organization Social Expertise Exchange (SEE) visit our school to build a relationship between teachers of U.S. and Russia. The goal of this non-profit is to create a diverse network between Russian and U.S. social experts and entrepreneurs and encourage them to engage in an exchange of ideas.  Olga Kuznetsova from St. Petersburg has much experience in youth volunteerism/non-traditional education methods. She is very versatile in using social media to promote a school she is managing, using Vkontakte and a personal website to fundraise and share with other educators and the general community. Currently she has 10,000 followers and subscribers. Elena Lyapina from Moscow has a degree in education and uvenology with specialization in public relations and advertising within the scope of youth policy at Russian State University.

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